1234It’s 2017 and “YB2C Live” is Back!

“YB2C Live,” a radio show sponsored by our company “Your Business Your Brand Creatively” broadcast its first show on a local radio station the first Saturday in October 2016. “YB2C Live” offers our listeners valuable information about freelancing, entrepreneurship, and the successes and challenges of self-employment in today’s “New Economy.”

The weekly show was very successful and very popular. However, after just six shows, we put it on hiatus in order to make some much needed changes. We promised we would return in January 2017.

Why the hiatus in 2016 and what has changed for 2017? Well, the short answer is that we decided to rebrand the show as a true podcast and sever our relationship with the radio station. There are several reasons for these changes, and we discuss them in the first podcast of 2017, which will be published on Monday, January 23, 2017, at noon Eastern Time.

During this podcast, we discuss at length how “YB2C Live” became a radio show, why we changed it to a podcast, instead, and what is ahead for the show in 2017. We will also let you know about the new schedule for the weekly podcast.

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We look forward to you listening to our show!

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