It’s 2017 and “YB2c Live” is Back!

1234It’s 2017 and “YB2C Live” is Back!

“YB2C Live,” a radio show sponsored by our company “Your Business Your Brand Creatively” broadcast its first show on a local radio station the first Saturday in October 2016. “YB2C Live” offers our listeners valuable information about freelancing, entrepreneurship, and the successes and challenges of self-employment in today’s “New Economy.”

The weekly show was very successful and very popular. However, after just six shows, we put it on hiatus in order to make some much needed changes. We promised we would return in January 2017.

Why the hiatus in 2016 and what has changed for 2017? Well, the short answer is that we decided to rebrand the show as a true podcast and sever our relationship with the radio station. There are several reasons for these changes, and we discuss them in the first podcast of 2017, which will be published on Monday, January 23, 2017, at noon Eastern Time.

During this podcast, we discuss at length how “YB2C Live” became a radio show, why we changed it to a podcast, instead, and what is ahead for the show in 2017. We will also let you know about the new schedule for the weekly podcast.

You will definitely want to make sure you get notification of Episode 7 of the “YB2C Live” show, now published as a podcast. Make sure to “Like” our YB2C Live FB page and sign up for newsletter notifications on our YB2C website!

We look forward to you listening to our show!

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YB2C Live Radio Show on Hiatus Until January 2017


iphone_slide1YB2C Live is a new radio show that I debuted just six weeks ago on October 1, 2016. The purpose of YB2C Live is to focus on the issues unique to freelancing and entrepreneurship, especially in Detroit Michigan, with topical weekly shows and interesting guests, both of which add value to the show.

YB2C Live has been hosted on radio station WCHB NewsTalk Radio 1200 AM since its inception, but I am putting the radio show on hiatus starting today and throughout the remainder of 2016. YB2C Live will return in January 2017.

As you may know, YB2C Live is an extension of my 3rd company, Your Business Your Brand Creatively, through which I offer training, branding, marketing, and web design and maintenance services to freelancers, creative and other solo professionals, and very small business owners.

I also have two other businesses: Writing It Right For You (writing and editing for individuals and businesses) and Detroit Ink Publishing (editing, manuscript preparation, and self-publishing). My schedule as a local and national speaker on freelancing and entrepreneurship is also growing, and I am an Evernote Certified Consultant, working with individuals and businesses on effectively integrating the Evernote app into their workflows. Yes, I have a lot going on…Wow!

There are two main reasons why I had to put the radio show on hiatus:

1. Due to scheduled and unscheduled family obligations (including a death in our family), I must re-focus my time throughout the remainder of 2016 in order to balance all of my personal and professional obligations.
2. I am also going to use this time to examine and re-assess the current business model with the WCHB radio show as it relates to YB2C Live as a radio show. Many entrepreneurs understand that business models, which exist to generate revenue for the company and to provide the operational factors that are the foundation of the business, may need to change for several reasons.

YB2C Live will be back in full force in January 2017. Between now and then, there may be some tweaks and changes leading up to the new year—I will keep you posted. So that you stay informed, make sure to:

• “Like” the YB2C Live Facebook Page and
• Follow us on Twitter @yb2c_system

Watch this space! Great things coming in 2017! We love having you with us on this journey!

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YB2C Live is Here!!!

YB2C radio2

I am very excited to announce that the debut broadcast of my new radio show, YB2C Live, is scheduled for tomorrow from 8am – 9am ET!!! “YB2C” is the acronym for “Your Business Your Brand Creatively” one of my three creative freelance businesses. We can be heard on WCHB “NewsTalk” 1200 AM on your radio dial, located in Detroit Michigan, which my headquarters is also located. Each show will be recorded, and a link and a transcription of the show, as well as a podcast will be available a few business days after the broadcast date.

My husband, Keith Owens, is my business partner as well as the Senior Editor of the Michigan Chronicle, one of the oldest Black-owned newspapers in the country. Keith will be my occasional co-host on the show, and he will be broadcasting with me for during the first two shows in October, and then one or two times every subsequent month.

The YB2C Live Radio Show will focus on entrepreneurship, including freelancing, here in the City of Detroit and around the United States and the world. The topic of our first two shows, October 1 and October 8, will be on the history of entrepreneurship in Detroit.

There will be an opportunity for our listeners to call in during the show. Write this number down: (313) 259-2000, the WCHB call in number. We’d love to hear your questions and comments! You can also leave questions and/or comments on our Facebook page or via the contact page on the YB2C System website.

We are also looking for weekly guests, for weekly advertisers, and for sponsors for the YB2C Live show. If you are interested in finding out more information about becoming a guest, an advertiser, or a sponsor of our show, please fill out the contact form and one of the members of the YB2C Live Broadcast team will get in touch with you.

Mark Your Calendars! Set Your Alarms! Saturday, October 1, 2016, at 8am Eastern Time: WCHB 1200.

The YB2C Live Show!

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A Detroit First: Bikram Hot Yoga Symposium at Essential Hot Yoga

Essential Hot Yoga LogoAs freelancers, solo professionals, and VSBs (Very Small Businesses), we know that taking care of our health will go a long way towards helping us take care of everything else. If you are in the metro Detroit area, you have the opportunity to participant in the first-ever Hot Yoga Symposium that will be held on Saturday, September 24, 2016, from 1-3 pm ET.

The symposium will feature nationally recognized scientist, Dr. Stacy Hunter,  who is the research director for PURE Action, Inc., a nonprofit organization devoted to funding yoga research. Dr. Hunter published the first study to show that a regular Bikram Hot Yoga practice can beneficially impact vascular health and improve the cardiovascular disease risk profile.

During the symposium, the usual questions about Bikram Yoga will be answered, and the responses will be supported by scientific research. Additional questions and findings will be discussed. According to Dr. Hunter’s latest research findings, “Bikram yoga may be a good tool for promoting heart health, given the enhancements in arterial elasticity with just 8 weeks of practice.”

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Wayne County Michigan ranks fourth in death rates from heart disease as well as in the number of documented strokes. Pamela Alexander, certified Bikram Yoga instructor and owner of Essential Yoga in Detroit MI, is excited to host Dr. Hunter and to share the benefits of non-traditional healing modalities. The goal of the Essential Yoga symposium is to create awareness among the yogic and medical communities of the laboratory research being conducted on the science behind the practice of Bikram Yoga and to explore new relationships between Bikram yoga and human health.


Essential Yoga is located at 19474 Livernois Avenue, Suite 203, Detroit MI 48221; the studio may be reached at (313) 935-2787 or via the Essential Yoga Facebook Page.

For more information about the Essential Yoga Bikram Yoga Symposium, and to get your tickets to the Symposium, please visit the Event information on the Essential Yoga Facebook Page here.

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