What is a Business Consultant?

This post was written and published by our Summer 2017 Intern, Mallory Corbin, a student at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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A business consultant is an expert in their field. They know the ins and outs of all things business and they know how to help you and your business succeed. With a business consultant, you will create a business partnership that will ultimately lead to exponential growth and development for your business. Business consultants can have varying involvement in your business, that of which is totally dependant on your needs and wants as the business owner. These business professionals are highly experienced and can bring exponential benefits to you and your business that may totally change how you do business.

The Benefits of Hiring a Business Consultant

• They will market. Both in traditional and non-traditional settings, a business consultant will help you market your business to the appropriate audience. This can range from traditional advertising work to social media marketing campaigns, to much much more. Depending on your business, your marketing needs may vary, these needs can be recognized and met by your consultant.

• They will network. It is your business consultant’s job to know people in the business world. As they have consulted and worked with many businesses before you, they can provide a network of businesses that you may be able to connect with. These kinds of connections can hugely impact your business.

• They will strategize. A lot of unexpected problems may occur throughout the life of your business. Your business consultant will help you plan and strategize in order to find the most effective business plan for you. This plan can be used as a roadmap for you and your consultant to return back to whenever any problems arise.

• They will plan and set goals. Project planning and goal setting will be a huge part of your business consultant’s job. They may work with you or solo to create a timeline for a certain project or goal that you and your business may be working toward.

• They will do the work for you. Sometimes there are certain projects or business ventures that are too big for you to handle, and that is okay. It is very common that a business consultant will do the work you cannot, and join on your team as more of a subcontractor than an advisor. They may be the ones to thank for closing that big sale or finishing that dubious project you thought would never get finished.

• They will make decisions. When it comes to decision making, some situations can be nearly impossible. Thankfully, your business consultant can be there to either guide you to the correct decision or make the correct decision so that you don’t have to.

The Business Machine

In our post about business coaches, we talked about how a business coach works with you to create your perfect business machine. A business consultant does similar work. However, rather than being on the sidelines, like the business coach, a business consultant is taking the co-pilot seat right next to you inside your machine, guiding you and occasionally taking control of the wheel. Unlike a coach, a consultant pulls their weight and works alongside you as a teammate. They may even be in charge of their own sector of the machine, which you have designated for them to be responsible for.

A co-pilot is not absolutely necessary for every machine, just as a business consultant is not imperative for every business. However, a consultant could make the difference between smooth sailing with your successful business and making a huge error that effectively totals your business machine.

Is it Worth the Investment?

Before you can experience all of these benefits and more, there is one decision you will have to make on your own: whether you will invest in a business consultant.

A consultant can totally transform the way you do business. They can be similar to a business coach, and work as your business mentor. They may also provide advice and guidance for you and your business. They may be minimally involved, or totally immersed in your work; additionally, they may perform any number of important tasks. Their work can include making up a game plan for you to follow, along with networking and marketing for your business. Additionally, they may take work into their own hands and work as a subcontractor for your business.

With the help of the right kind of business consultant, which can vary depending on your business’ needs, you will see your business grow and prosper exponentially.

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What is a Business Coach?

This blog post was written and published by our Summer 2017 Intern, Mallory Corbin, a student at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

To find out how YB2C (Your Business Your Brand Creatively) can help you with your business challenges, contact us! We’d love to talk to you!

Running your own business can be hard, but luckily you don’t have to do it alone. A business coach may be exactly what you need to really get things going. Whether, you are looking to start a business, or you need someone to keep you on track if you already have a business, a business coach can be the business game changer you need. A business coach works as a magnifying glass to concentrate what it is you already have inside you and your business in order to further help promote growth and prosperity.

You do not need to actually know or see your coach in person. In fact, your business coach may work totally remotely, whether that be from your preference or theirs. With the help of the internet, business coaching can occur entirely online, something often referred to as “E-coaching.” This fact certainly broadens your business coaching options, making it possible to find the perfect business coach for you and your business.

Oftentimes, these business coaches are former business owners, CEOs, or business executives. This means they have real-life experience within business that they can use to guide you and your business in the direction that is right for you.

The Benefits of Hiring on a Business Coach.

• They will provide an outside perspective on your business. Sometimes, when running your own business, you may get a little too close to the cause. Meaning, because you are so immersed in your business, you may not be able to recognize any errors or issues within the business on your own. Your business may be like your child, and as far as you may be concerned, it can do no wrong. A business coach can help pull the wool from your eyes and reveal to you what you are doing right, and exactly what needs to be fixed or changed within your business.

• They will motivate you to keep moving forward. When you are feeling overwhelmed or stumped, a business coach can be there to metaphorically hold your hand. They can assist you on getting your business back on track through time-management coaching and action planning that will prevent you from getting distracted. Brainstorming with your coach can help you solidify your business vision. Once this business vision is solidified, you can work with your coach to implement that vision into reality.

• They will prevent you from self-sabotaging. Your coach will be an empathetic presence that you can go to when you are feeling lost or as if you may be on the verge of making a business mistake. Whether it is you or your coach who recognizes it, they will be there to assist you in either preventing or reversing a self-sabotaging business choice.

A Well-Oiled Machine

Imagine a scenario where you are trying to build a machine. Picture the perfect machine in your head. What does it look like? How does it sound? What does it do? A business coach will help you build your machine. They will help you understand how your machine works, and help you implement your ideas into your machine in order to make your machine exactly what you imagined it to be. They will watch as you operate your machine, from the outside, and inform you of any errors that occur. These errors may be the fault of the machine or of the operator. Once these errors are recognized, they will work alongside you in order to remedy these errors and get your machine working to its absolute highest performance.

Your machine, is your business. With the help of your business coach, your business will become the well-oiled machine that you always dreamed it could be.

Making the Investment

By hiring a business coach, you will be hiring a business asset that can guide you and your business; whether it be on building your business from the ground up, or for an already well-established business. Your business coach will help you brainstorm, plan, and implement your business vision. With the right business coach, you will find that making this investment will pay for itself through growth that you are bound to see just months or even weeks after you and your coach get to work.

A business coach can unlock your potential and serve as a priceless business companion that could be exactly what you and your business need.

To find out how YB2C (Your Business Your Brand Creatively) can help you with your business challenges, contact us! We’d love to talk to you!

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YB2C Live is Here!!!

YB2C radio2

I am very excited to announce that the debut broadcast of my new radio show, YB2C Live, is scheduled for tomorrow from 8am – 9am ET!!! “YB2C” is the acronym for “Your Business Your Brand Creatively” one of my three creative freelance businesses. We can be heard on WCHB “NewsTalk” 1200 AM on your radio dial, located in Detroit Michigan, which my headquarters is also located. Each show will be recorded, and a link and a transcription of the show, as well as a podcast will be available a few business days after the broadcast date.

My husband, Keith Owens, is my business partner as well as the Senior Editor of the Michigan Chronicle, one of the oldest Black-owned newspapers in the country. Keith will be my occasional co-host on the show, and he will be broadcasting with me for during the first two shows in October, and then one or two times every subsequent month.

The YB2C Live Radio Show will focus on entrepreneurship, including freelancing, here in the City of Detroit and around the United States and the world. The topic of our first two shows, October 1 and October 8, will be on the history of entrepreneurship in Detroit.

There will be an opportunity for our listeners to call in during the show. Write this number down: (313) 259-2000, the WCHB call in number. We’d love to hear your questions and comments! You can also leave questions and/or comments on our Facebook page or via the contact page on the YB2C System website.

We are also looking for weekly guests, for weekly advertisers, and for sponsors for the YB2C Live show. If you are interested in finding out more information about becoming a guest, an advertiser, or a sponsor of our show, please fill out the contact form and one of the members of the YB2C Live Broadcast team will get in touch with you.

Mark Your Calendars! Set Your Alarms! Saturday, October 1, 2016, at 8am Eastern Time: WCHB 1200.

The YB2C Live Show!

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Abundance or Scarcity: What is YOUR Mindset?

Abundance vs ScarcityAs a former English teacher, I love definitions. Abundance can be defined as “…extremely plentiful or overflowing fullness,” while scarcity often means insufficiency or shortness of supply. As freelancers, when we are growing our businesses, it is important for us to realize the difference in these two words and to be confident in knowing that how we view our work is how results eventually manifest themselves.

While it may seem a little “New Age” or “woo-woo” to believe that what you think about you bring about, I have found that belief in abundance manifests abundance as I have grown from one business to three companies over the past eight years. When I started my first business, Writing It Right For You, focusing on providing writing and editing services for individuals and small businesses, I did not even think about the very real fact that July 2008 was right in the middle of the Great Recession. If all I thought about when I started out was that the economy was in the dumps and no one had any money so I’d never find any clients, that is exactly what would have happened. It was easy to have a scarcity mindset during bad economic times, but I instead focused on my goals and especially on what activities I needed to complete each day to reach my goals. It wasn’t always easy—nothing of value ever is—but I reached the goals I set and achieved more than I even imagined possible.

Yes, there are the realities of life, and being a freelancer and a business owner is very hard work. There really is no such thing as “If you build it they will come…,” it will take much, much more than that. But success for you and your business starts with believing that you will be successful and setting up your thinking processes and your mindset to produce the abundance you seek.


What are you thinking about as you start each day and look at your numbers? Are you willing to look for the opportunities that are out there, or are you staying in your safe space? Are you stating your goals in the present tense as if you have already achieved them? Do you realize that just because other people have succeeded it does not follow that you must fail? Are you giving now so that you may receive later?

Through my company Your Business Your Brand Creatively, I work with freelancers, creative professionals, and small business owners to grow their businesses through branding and marketing activities. If you would like to learn how to work with an abundance mindset and remove yourself from the endless loop of scarcity thinking, contact us. We would love to work with you.

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