A Detroit First: Bikram Hot Yoga Symposium at Essential Hot Yoga

Essential Hot Yoga LogoAs freelancers, solo professionals, and VSBs (Very Small Businesses), we know that taking care of our health will go a long way towards helping us take care of everything else. If you are in the metro Detroit area, you have the opportunity to participant in the first-ever Hot Yoga Symposium that will be held on Saturday, September 24, 2016, from 1-3 pm ET.

The symposium will feature nationally recognized scientist, Dr. Stacy Hunter,  who is the research director for PURE Action, Inc., a nonprofit organization devoted to funding yoga research. Dr. Hunter published the first study to show that a regular Bikram Hot Yoga practice can beneficially impact vascular health and improve the cardiovascular disease risk profile.

During the symposium, the usual questions about Bikram Yoga will be answered, and the responses will be supported by scientific research. Additional questions and findings will be discussed. According to Dr. Hunter’s latest research findings, “Bikram yoga may be a good tool for promoting heart health, given the enhancements in arterial elasticity with just 8 weeks of practice.”

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Wayne County Michigan ranks fourth in death rates from heart disease as well as in the number of documented strokes. Pamela Alexander, certified Bikram Yoga instructor and owner of Essential Yoga in Detroit MI, is excited to host Dr. Hunter and to share the benefits of non-traditional healing modalities. The goal of the Essential Yoga symposium is to create awareness among the yogic and medical communities of the laboratory research being conducted on the science behind the practice of Bikram Yoga and to explore new relationships between Bikram yoga and human health.


Essential Yoga is located at 19474 Livernois Avenue, Suite 203, Detroit MI 48221; the studio may be reached at (313) 935-2787 or via the Essential Yoga Facebook Page.

For more information about the Essential Yoga Bikram Yoga Symposium, and to get your tickets to the Symposium, please visit the Event information on the Essential Yoga Facebook Page here.

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