Episode 6: Pamela Hilliard Owens and Keith A. Owens.

In this week’s episode, co-host Keith Owens returns, and together with Pamela Hilliard Owens, discusses the three businesses they have founded, grown, and maintained since 2008. “YB2C Live” is so named because it is an outgrowth of Pamela’s third company, Your Business Your Brand Creatively, hence, “YB2C.” In today’s show, Pamela and Keith explain how they work together as a married couple and as business partners.

Segment 1: Pamela and Keith discussed the founding of the 1st company, Writing It Right For You (WIRFY), in July of 2008. WIRFY is a writing and editing business that offers professional services such as copyrighting, editing, social media marketing, and project management to individuals, small and mid-size businesses, and marketing departments of multi-national corporations. Within the first week of opening its doors, WIRFY secured its first local client, and three months later, in September 2008, went international with its first client in the United Kingdom. To date, Pamela, through the WIRFY company, has worked with clients in fourteen countries.

Segment 2: Detroit Ink Publishing (DIP) is the 2nd business discussed by Pamela and Keith. It was co-founded in 2012 with Pamela, Keith, Dr. Robert McTyre, and Cornelius Fortune, four experienced and published writers and editors. Working with writers who desire to become published authors, either through traditional publishing or by self-publishing their manuscripts, DIP provides ghostwriting, editing, formatting, and publishing services, as well as setting up author websites and designing social media marketing campaigns for its clients.

Segment 3: Everything that was learned from working with our clients and WIRFY and DIP led to the formation of Pamela’s 3rd company, Your Business Your Brand Creatively (YB2C), a company that works with creative freelancers, solo professionals, and other very small business owners with training on the YB2C Marketing System, branding assistance, web design and other social media marketing services, and freelance business startup and growth. Through the YB2C company, Pamela also speaks to various organizations nationwide on various topics relevant to freelancing, and trains individuals and companies on the use of Evernote, the #1 note-taking application as an Evernote Certified Consultant.

  • Writing It Right For You
  • Detroit Ink Publishing
  • Your Business Your Brand Creatively
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