YB2C Live Episode 10: Legacy Entrepreneur: Sharon Madison

Welcome to Episode 10 of YB2C Live, the podcast for Your Business Your Brand Creatively, our company that works with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and very small business owners on branding, marketing, training, consulting, web design, social media marketing, and project management projects.

Today’s podcast is the 3rd in this year’s February Black History Month “Legacy Entrepreneur” Series. Our guest this week is Sharon Madison, CEO of Madison Madison International, an engineering and architectural consulting firm founded by her father and uncle in Cleveland, Ohio in 1954; themselves building on the legacy of their father, Robert James Madison, one of the first African-American architectural engineers in the United States. Sharon tells the fascinating story of how her grandfather, her father Julian C. Madison, and her uncles, Robert and Bernard, grew the company into a prolific design firm working throughout the United States and internationally in the areas of airport construction, infrastructure, mass transportation, multifamily housing, office and church buildings, roads and bridges, and water and wastewater treatment plants.

Our interview with Sharon Madison also includes how Sharon took over the company in 1989 after the death of her father, becoming one of the few women owners of such firms, and the only Black woman to own her own building in downtown Detroit, the Julian C. Madison Building. This episode concludes with Sharon expounding on her current projects and the continued growth of her company and the diversity of tenants in her building, reflecting the business growth of Detroit.

Madison Madison International Website: http://madisonmadison.com

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