YB2C Live Episode 11: Legacy Entrepreneur: Thomas Family

Welcome to Episode 11 of YB2C Live, the podcast for Your Business Your Brand Creatively, our company that works with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and very small business owners on branding, marketing, training, consulting, web design, social media marketing, and project management projects.

Today’s podcast is the 4th in this year’s February Black History Month “Legacy Entrepreneur” Series. The guests for the previous three podcasts in this series featured descendants ad relatives of Black entrepreneurs of the 20th century. This week, our focus is on a Black entrepreneurial family that is building a legacy for the next generation: the Thomas Family, owners of Sweet Potato Sensations, a restaurant, store, and community center located in northwest Detroit. The Christ-centered mission of Sweet Potato Sensations, according to Jeffery and Cassandra Thomas, is to continue the legacy of Dr. George Washington Carver, the son of Black American slaves who became an internationally renowned scientist and chemist, and discovered hundreds of uses for the sweet potato in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas describe how they started their business in their home thirty years ago, using family recipes and working at pop-ups and fairs before opening their restaurant selling their famous Sweet Potato Cookies. Today, Sweet Potato Sensations products are available in several retail locations, and offer dozens of sweet potato items, such as pies (of course), cakes, cookies, ice cream, and waffles. During the week, soup, sandwiches, and chicken and waffles are available, and on the weekend, the full savory menu awaits patrons.

This exciting, inspirational, and informative interview with the Thomases includes the story of the successes and challenges of growing their business over three decades and how they are working with their two adult daughters to build a business and a brand that will last for many decades to come.

Sweet Potato Sensations: http://sweetpotatosensations.com

17337 Lahser Road

Detroit MI 48219

(313) 532-7996


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