YB2C Live Episode 12: Pamela Hilliard Owens and Guest Devita Davison

Episode 12 of the YB2C Live Podcast for freelancers and entrepreneurs features an exciting and inspirational interview with Devita Davison, Executive Director of FoodLab Detroit, a community of food entrepreneurs who are committed to making the possibility of good food in Detroit a sustainable reality.

Devita’s personal story is one of grit, determination, and regrowth. She tells YB2C Live about her journey from Detroit to Michigan State University to New York and the corporate world to her own food businesses in Brooklyn, and back to Detroit after Hurricane Sandy destroyed her home and businesses.

Devita details the founding and growth of FoodLab Detroit, her commitment to sustainable food access for in Detroit and other cities in America, and her participation in Mustard Seeds, a community of professional women who mentor each other to success.

Our listeners will be sitting on the edge of their seats as they listen to Devita, the daughter and granddaughter of preachers, tell her story and advocate for food justice while living and working in both Brooklyn and Detroit.

Foodlab Detroit: http://foodlabdetroit.com

Foodlab Detroit on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoodLabDetroit/

FoodLab Detroit on Twitter: http://twitter.com/foodlabdetroit

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