YB2C Live Episode 13: Pamela Hilliard Owens and Guest Sharon Banks

Welcome to Episode 13 of YB2C Live, the podcast for Your Business Your Brand Creatively, our company that works with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and very small business owners on branding, marketing, training, consulting, web design, social media marketing, and project management projects.

Today’s podcast is the 2nd in this year’s March Women’s History Month “Powerful Women Entrepreneurs” Series. Our guest today is Sharon Banks, the Founder and CEO of Bankable Marketing Strategies in Detroit Michigan. During our interview, Sharon details how she gradually moved from a corporate career, to working in the government and political arenas, to eventually opening her own full-service marketing agency and working her business with her children.

This informative and inspirational interview includes the successes and challenges of being a woman and an African-American in marketing while growing a national and international company headquartered in Detroit. Sharon is also proud that she is building a legacy business with and for her children and tells how she brought them into the business after they first worked in corporate jobs.

Bankable Marketing Strategies
400 Renaissance Center, #2600
Detroit MI 48234
(313) 989-4211



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