YB2C Live Episode 15: Pamela Hilliard Owens and Keith A. Owens – “Spring Forward with Your Business!”

The YB2C Live Episode 15, “Spring Forward with Your Business” is the first podcast of the second quarter of the year. Co-hosts Pamela Hilliard Owens and Keith Owens record every podcast from their studio in the Green Garage in Midtown Detroit, where the headquarters of their three combined companies is also located. In this episode:

  • Pam and Keith remind their listeners how important it is to conduct both a quarterly review of the past quarter, January through March, and then plan carefully for the upcoming quarter, April through June.
  • Keith describes how future planning is done at a newspaper, especially a weekly newspaper like the Michigan Chronicle, where many articles are preplanned, but the editors must be ready for late-breaking news.
  • Pam outlines the important steps for freelancers to take when first reviewing their annual goals, then reviewing the 1st quarter, and then readjusting and planning for the 2nd quarter as necessary.
  • Pam and Keith describe their three companies, Writing It Right For You, Detroit Ink Publishing, and Your Business Your Brand Creatively, and explain the services offered by each company and the benefits to their clients.
  • Pam and Keith remind the listeners to “Like” the YB2C Live Facebook page, to sign up for the YB2C newsletter on the YB2C website to receive notifications of the publishing of each show and other important information.
  • Pam and Keith invite the listeners to look forward to the weekly podcast shows which will be published online every Monday.

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