YB2C Live Episode 17: Plum Health and Dr. Paul Thomas

Welcome to Episode 17 of the Your Business Your Brand Creatively Podcast, YB2C Live! Our podcast is an extension of our company, Your Business Your Brand Creatively, where we work with entrepreneurs and freelancers to start, maintain, and grow their own businesses by providing training, consulting, and other business services. Every week, we provide our listeners with valuable information for entrepreneurs and freelancers, and we also feature guest interviews with entrepreneurs from Detroit and all over the world who share their inspirational stories, their successes, their challenges, and their insights.

We record our podcast every Wednesday from our studio in our coworking community at the Green Garage in Detroit, Michigan, and publish the recorded podcast the next Monday.

For today’s episode, our special guest is Dr. Paul Thomas, the founder of Plum Health DPC (Direct Patient Care) in Detroit Michigan. Dr. Thomas considers himself a “community doctor” and a resource for the community. After graduating from the Wayne State University of Medicine and completing his residency at a local hospital and medical center, Dr. Thomas realized that there were problems in our current fee-for-service health system, and started Plum Health to deliver high quality medical care while also giving back to the community.

Dr. Thomas believes that Direct Primary Care is a better and more patient-centered way to practice medicine by allowing more time with the doctor, a greater responsiveness to patients’ needs, and a restoration of the valued doctor-patient relationship.

Please click the SoundCloud link to listen to this interesting and informative interview with Dr. Thomas as he details his journey from working in community health from the time he was in high school to opening his own special and unique DPC clinic (there are only two such clinics in the State of Michigan).

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