YB2C Live Episode 18: Determined by Design and Kia Weatherspoon

Welcome to Episode 18 of the Your Business Your Brand Creatively Podcast, YB2C Live! Our podcast is an extension of our company, Your Business Your Brand Creatively, where we work with entrepreneurs and freelancers to start, maintain, and grow their own businesses by providing training, consulting, and other business services. Every week, we provide our listeners with valuable information for entrepreneurs and freelancers, and we also feature guest interviews with entrepreneurs from Detroit and all over the world who share their inspirational stories, their successes, their challenges, and their insights.

We record our podcast every Wednesday from our studio in our coworking community at the Green Garage in Detroit, Michigan, and publish the recorded podcast the next Monday.

For today’s episode, which is focused on the benefits of networking for entrepreneurs, our special guest is Kia Weatherspoon, Founder and President of Determined by Design a very unique and specialized architecture and design firm located in Washington D.C. Kia and I met last fall at a panel discussion on urban design; Kia was in Detroit for another purpose and we connected at the event. During the first part of today’s interview, Kia and I discuss the importance of networking, and how to attract and connect with people at events.

Later in our interview, Kia tells her exciting and inspirational story about how she originally studied dance, then went into the military (including several overseas deployments), and later went into architecture and interior design for both higher-end commercial clients and lower-end residential clients. Kia is full of passion, a ball of energy, and gives our freelancer listeners a ton of great ideas and tips.

Please click the SoundCloud link to listen to this interesting and informative interview with Kia Weatherspoon. More information and links are below.

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