YB2C Live Episode 19: Following Your Dream, Making It Happen, and the Importance of Mentors

Welcome to Episode 19 of the YB2C Live Podcast, sponsored by our third company, Your Business Your Brand Creatively through which we work with creative and sole entrepreneurs, freelancers, and very small business owners offering business consulting, training, branding, and marketing related services. We record our podcast every Wednesday from our studio in the Green Garage, a co-working community in Midtown Detroit near Wayne State University. We invite you to like YB2C Live, and YB2C Marketing System on Facebook to receive all of the current information and announcements.

Our special guest this week is Monica Morgan, a world renowned photographer, public speaker, and freelance entrepreneur based in Detroit, Michigan. Monica has a great story to tell about how she changed her own career trajectory from being a writer to becoming a premier photographer who has photographed so many people and so many events here in Detroit and all over the world, including Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela.

  • Monica describes how she realized that the photographs that accompanied the journalistic articles she wrote were more effective and more lucrative.
  • Monica tells the story of how her mentors encouraged her to go to South Africa to cover Nelson Mandela when he was finally released from prison, and how that trip changed her professional life, even though she was just starting her photography business at the time.
  • Monica explains how her mentor was instrumental in the growth and development of her business, and how now she in turn mentors others on a regular basis.
  • Monica lets our listeners know what goes into photographing famous people and important events—it is so much more than just “taking pictures.”

Click below to listen to the Episode 19 podcast, and please check the links below for more information about our companies and our special guest this week, Monica Morgan.

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