Episode 7: Pamela Hilliard Owens and Keith A. Owens.

The YB2C Live Episode 7, “Fixin’ to Get Ready to Get Started” is the first show of 2017, and the first podcast in our new podcast-only format. Co-hosts Pamela Hilliard Owens and Keith Owens recorded the podcast from their new studio in the [Green Garage] in Midtown Detroit, where the headquarters of their three combined companies is also located.

  • Pam and Keith welcome back their 2016 listeners from the previous YB2C Live radio show and explain the difference between a radio show and a podcast. The co-hosts also reminded the listeners that “YB2C” is an acronym for the full name of the company and podcast: Your Business Your Brand Creatively.
  • Pam and Keith discussed the importance and ramifications of analyzing and changing a business model to something new and better.
  • Pam and Keith describe their three companies, [Writing It Right For You], [Detroit Ink Publishing], and [Your Business Your Brand Creatively], and explain the services offered by each company and the benefits to their clients.
  • Pam and Keith describe the exciting upcoming monthly themes and the guests that will be an important part of each upcoming show.
  • Pam and Keith remind the listeners to “Like” the YB2C Live Facebook page, to sign up for the YB2C newsletter on the YB2C website to receive notifications of the publishing of each show and other important information.
  • Pam and Keith invite the listeners to look forward to the weekly podcast shows which will be published online every Monday.

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