YB2C Live Episode 8: Legacy Entrepreneur: Marsha Battle Philpot

For the entire month of February, “Black History Month,” the YB2C Live Podcast will be featuring “Legacy Entrepreneurs,” the descendants and relatives of the trail-blazing entrepreneurs of the 20th century upon whose shoulders we present-day business owners stand.
“YB2C” is the acronym for “[Your Business Your Brand Creatively],” which is the name of our company that works with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and solo and creative professionals, providing marketing and branding services such as social media marketing, training, business consulting, and web design and maintenance.
Your Business Your Brand Creatively is the primary sponsor of the YB2C Live Weekly podcast. This week, in Episode 8, our special Legacy Entrepreneur guest is Marsha Battle Philpot, the daughter of Jon Von Battle, who was a music producer and record store owner in Detroit from the 1940s through the 1970s. Mr. Battle recorded blues and gospel greats such as John Lee Hooker, Little Sonny, and Rev. C.L. Franklin, the father of Aretha Franklin.

(Photo Credit: Jeff Cancelosi)

Marsha Battle Philpot, who describes herself as a writer, griot, and storyteller, is a 2012 recipient of the Kresge Literary Arts Fellowship, honoring her writing. Marsha’s interview with YB2C Live is a fascinating story about her father, Black businesses in Detroit in the mid- to late-20th century, and growing up as a native Detroiter.
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